Products: Fenetech

The ERP for window and door makers

An ERP for window and door makers that reduces errors and improves flow

How many times do you reenter the same data to make a window? Once to create a quotation? Again to enter an order? Again at each work cell? Again to create an invoice? How many people do you pay just to do all that reentering?

Everywhere you turn, do you seem to have different systems doing different work? Is each work cell an island unto itself? Can anyone get the equipment and systems in your company to talk to each other? To automatically share data?

FeneVision and FeneTech are ready to help you change all of that.

FeneVision is the first window and door system designed from the factory floor up, rather than from the office down. It doesn't try to take command in the front office only to lose its way in the factory. It wasn't dreamed up by some programmer or accountant.

Instead, FeneVision was created and built by manufacturing engineers with a world of experience in process control systems and manufacturing integration and nearly two decades of direct experience in glass and fenestration. Chances are, there's equipment on your floor being run by software developed by FeneTech engineers and programmers.


Fenestration Components Inc. proudly represents Fenetech throughout Western Canada.