Products: Gateway Plastic Extrusions

Who we are

Gateway has been extruding plastic filament for over 25 years. We have taken that experience, knowledge and infrastructure, partnering with highly experienced industry veterans and applied it to Gateway Plastic Extrusions.

What we're good at

Custom Extrusions. Our production facility operates 24 hours a day – 5 days a week – enabling us to offer you unparalleled turnaround. Our in-house engineering and design team utilize the most current available software to help you achieve the most functional and economical profiles possible. In-house manufacturing of dies, sizers and post extrusion equipment help make your custom profile a reality.

Materials options

    • Rigid PVC (Indoor/Outdoor)
    • Flexible PVC (Indoor/Outdoor)
    • PP
    • TPV
    • LDPE
    • HDPE

    Gateway Plastic Extrusions

Fenestration Components Inc. proudly represents Gateway Plastic Extrusions throughout Western Canada.